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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scoopy i - 5

           Honda motorcycle. As the leader of the Thai motorcycle market. Now the fun of driving the re-functioning of markets in terms of availability of all the latest Honda motorcycles - offers the fun of the original directly to the traditional Japanese. DNA is a takeoff of the fun of fashion style leader. Another is Honda's legendary success in the history of variants of fun. Story of a long happy life.
             - 1954 year this year, Honda's scooter line was this bike is the first start. Version "to develop the following fashion Zhu Mariano" the way that we expect much in that time. Most of the versions.
             - This is a new lifestyle to please Piryo Honda has released a development version of the fiscal needs of the new generation of 1992. Start the concept of the ego. I love and own distinction. Click concept. "Simple and elegant."
             - And C versions can be developed Crea please. While 1999 was the idea of product development is more than fashion. Please start the round shape around a sophisticated combination. Aura of a vintage feel. Theme is based on modern fashion. Be unique and will reflect the personality of the driver. Stress on these findings. However, the Honda line, each subsequent generation has developed a family car.
             - 2001 Crea Scoopy models casual and welcoming the new era, yet the concept of "form round, cute, fun to reflect itself, focused look at the cool new fashion styles." Or "" listen to the sweet pleasure Ta.
            Thailand. Someone 10-something consumers, especially today. Ever more like our style. And to enhance the knowledge of selected consumer goods. And fashion products in an appropriate manner, are used to promote the following personnel. Itself. Shows and a unique lifestyle. The effects of the current fashion. It is a good time to provide products of Honda motorcycles. New fashion line. The Legend continues the story as an interesting fashion. The modern world is more sophisticated. Suitable for users of the popular Thai. Honda came from Japan, "a" Scoopy my new engine nozzle and PGM - FI under the original name, rounding is developing a prototype system has been installed on the Crea Scoopy i fun sweet "with a the existing "has inherited. The story is interesting. New approach to the 2009 Honda motorcycle year. Please continue.